About the author

Wendy Macdonald was born in Yarram, in the Gippsland district of Victoria, Australia. She studied medicine and home_wendy_macdonald_photopracticed for many years. While raising her family of seven children, she and her husband lived in Stawell, a gold mining and agricultural town in Victoria’s Wimmera, which sparked Wendy’s  interest in Australian history. She now lives in Melbourne.

Having a large family has given Wendy invaluable experience with schooling and she has always encouraged her children and grandchildren to read and take an interest in literature, history and science. Her first published work  was a story for young readers of Captain Cook – The Voyage of the Endeavour, beautifully illustrated by Julian Bruere and by reproductions from the artists of this amazing expedition.

This carefully researched account details Captain Cook’s hazardous visit to Australia’s east coast and includes maps, illustrations and an easy-to-read chronological account of his exciting voyage.

Wendy has also written a fictional story on the life of a child convict – the recently published children’s adventure novel – The Castaway Convict.

An ongoing interest in science and science education has resulted in such pieces as; The Unseen Army, Bacteria and Viruses, Our Busy Bodies and The Food Journey, also in children’s stories about great scientists of the past, such as The Man Who Measured the World and Galileo’s Leaning Tower.

Wendy is a regularly listed author in the Victorian Premier’s Reading Challenge, which is for all Victorian students from  Prep to Year 9. The aim of the Challenge is to promote a love of reading – Wendy’s favourite subject !